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Stop Him – He Is Going To Kill Himself

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Stop Him – He Is Going To Kill Himself

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9 thoughts on “Stop Him – He Is Going To Kill Himself

  1. Kapil says:

    are yaar sarkar waise bhi gas se subsidy hata rahi hai tu gas kyu barbad kar raha hai

  2. Dr.Buubs says:

    iski galati nahi hai, bechara sardar hai na…

  3. Pathan XD says:

    hahhaha Buubs Sahi bola 😀

  4. syed says:

    yaar yah to sardar hai . to sahe hai

  5. Deepak Verma says:


  6. sucide krne ka nya trika sikha rhe h…

  7. Vishu Kumar says:

    tu to jayega or aas-pass k log v jayega

  8. Ravi kumar says:

    Sardar hai tu tabhi desh hai dont forget the role of sardars in freedom fight.

  9. Ravi kumar says:

    Dr.Buubs dont try to be oversmart.sardaroon ka mazak naa banyu they done alot for our country.

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